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The ginger powder processing plant uses ginger as the raw material. Through different processing techniques, from ginger cleaning to milling related equipment, the ginger can be processed into ginger powder or dried ginger, which can significantly increase the added value of ginger in the origin of ginger, and reduce the loss and storage of ginger caused by ginger price fluctuations. shipping cost. Ginger, as a medicinal and edible seasoning, is spicy and fragrant. Ginger powder made from ginger can be used as food additives for seasoning, pickling, soup making, and ginger tea blending. It is faster and more convenient to use and meets the cooking needs of different families, restaurants and food processing plants.

GInger Powder Processing

Ginger powder equipment will make fresh ginger from cleaning to drying, grinding and packaging to make condiments. Ginger powder equipment adopts assembly line to produce turmeric powder. According to user investment and process requirements, various models are configured to adapt to ginger production enterprises. The following is the ginger powder production line Major equipment:
Ginger cleaning and peeling machine: The ginger hair roller cleaning machine adopts the principle of brush, which can effectively remove the stains on the ginger skin. The box is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not rusted, clean and hygienic. The hair roller first removes the epidermis, and then the upper spray pipe is sprayed and washed.
Ginger slicer: The cutting process is carried out using the principle of centrifugation. The material is rotated on the turntable, and the cut material is thrown out along the window under the centrifugal action of the ginger shredding machine, which can be sliced ​​and shredded at the same time. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy, which can fully adapt to the humid environment. The body and frame are not rusted, which greatly increases the service life of the machine.
Ginger air dryer: The air dryer uses a large air volume and low noise fan to dry naturally. The air dryer is designed to be turned over and conveyed several times, and there is a reverse and reverse air device to prevent dead ends of drying.
Ginger dryer: Ginger dryer is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving drying equipment. No harmful substances are produced during the drying process, and there is no smoke or open flames during the drying process. The temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the dry material. It is highly intelligent. The drying process does not require special supervision. When the temperature is reached, the unit will automatically shut down to save energy. The waste heat discharged during the drying process will be fully absorbed by the high temperature heat pump unit, further improving the energy efficiency of the unit.
Ginger Grinder: It is used for the crushing and processing of dehydrated ginger slices. The fineness is adjusted between 20 and 120 meshes. It has the advantages of high output, fine particle size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance and convenient installation.
Ginger powder packaging machine: This packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging and filling of powder in various bags, bottles, cans and other packaging containers.

fresh ginger

Ginger Drying Process Requirements

The ginger flakes drying  is mainly divided into three stages:

The initial stage: the temperature is set at 70 ° C, the time is 2 hours, this stage is mainly based on drying

The second stage: the temperature is set at 60 ℃, the time is 18 hours, mainly drying and dehumidification

The third stage: the temperature is set at 65 ℃, and the time is 7 hours. It will automatically stop when the drying is completed. Don’t rush to take it out.

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Ginger Processing Machine Advantages

a. The equipment has a large amount of one-time material loading, less purchase capital, good thermal insulation performance of the equipment itself, and extremely low energy consumption.
b. Compact structure, convenient operation, reliable use, easy disassembly and assembly. The installation is simple, as long as there is shelter from wind and rain, it can be installed and used.
c. Clean, strong, high-volume, hot air, sulfur-free and fast drying, simulating the principle of natural air-drying, the finished product has a natural color and good natural flavor. Natural medicinal properties last for a long time.
d. The furnace of the tubeless indirect heating hot blast stove adopts boiler steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance, fast heat transfer, and its service life is several times longer than that of the fire tube furnace provided by ordinary manufacturers; the fuel is fully burned.
e. High efficiency, the drying efficiency is several times higher than that of various heat source air energy heat pump drying ovens, and the power consumption for drying 1 ton of fresh materials is less than 1/80 of that, the drying time is greatly shortened, and the equipment purchase funds and Low labor cost.

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