Fully Automatic Dried Seaweed Flakes Processing Machine

The seaweed processing machine drying part adopts heat pump drying technology. The color of the dried seaweed is better than that of natural drying. It is bright, has good sensitivity, is dried evenly, and has a fresh and fragrant taste. , shape and taste, preserve the inherent quality of seaweed. It overcomes the problems of poor site sanitation in the traditional natural drying process, the ground cannot be disinfected, and the seaweed is easily contaminated by flies; the humidity is difficult to completely control, and it is easy to grow mildew and deteriorate after storage. Flip the kelp to let all parts of the seaweed get sunlight, saving labor.

Dried Seaweed Processing

(1) : Fresh material storage
The raw materials are from the kelp breeding base that is cultivated by yourself. When salvaging, you should pay attention to avoid salvaging sundries and avoid the large amount of follow-up processes.

(2) Boil, sterilize
The salvaged seaweed is scalded and boiled in an assembly line, and the cooking temperature should be controlled at 90~99℃.

(3) Salted
Boil it, cool it after sterilization, and add salt after cooling, the amount added is 40% of the seaweed

(4) Storage
The temperature requirement for storage is, 0~-18℃

(5) Cut off
The raw materials are taken from the cold storage, the salt on the surface is removed manually, and then cut with a professional seaweed shredder.

(6) Cleaning and desalination
Clean the pretreated seaweed in a bubble cleaning machine for about 3 times, to ensure that there is no foreign matter, and the salt control should be less than 0.2%.

(7) Drying
The cleaned kelp is transported to the conveyor mesh belt of the seaweed dryer through the conveying device, and is lifted to the inside of the dryer for multi-layer mesh belt circulation and flip drying, leaving the heavy labor of manual flipping and ensuring the seaweed drying evenly;

fresh seaweed

Seaweed Drying Process requirements

Seaweed/Kelp drying is divided into three stages.

The first stage is: the heating stage
Put the packed kelp into the drying room evenly without overlapping, so as to avoid unnecessary air leakage when placing the trays. The temperature in the box is heated to 50°C, and the heating time is generally 1.5 to 3 hours. If there is moisture in the box, the moisture should be exhausted. If the temperature drops after the moisture is exhausted, the heating should be continued.
The second stage: constant speed drying and moisture removal stage
This stage is divided into two stages: high humidity and low temperature, and medium humidity and medium temperature.
In the high-humidity and low-temperature stage, the temperature should be less than 60℃, and the range should be 55~60℃. To avoid the color change of the material caused by high temperature and high humidity, observe the change of water vapor on the surface of the material, and drain the moisture at any time. The time for this stage is 3~3.5 Hours.
Medium humidity and medium temperature, the temperature is less than 60 °C, and the range should be 50~60 °C. In this section, the air inlet valve can be properly opened, and the return air valve must be properly closed. The specific adjustment should be made according to the local temperature and humidity. .
The third stage: the speed reduction stage
This is also called the low-humidity and high-temperature stage. The temperature in this stage is 70-80 °C. It is best not to exceed 70 °C in the early stage, and it is best not to exceed 80 °C in the later stage.

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Seaweed Processing Machine Advantages

1. The operating cost is quite low, only 1/4 of the energy consumption of traditional drying.
2. No pollutants are discharged during the drying process of kelp, which is more environmentally friendly.
3 The seaweed dryer is fully automatically controlled, reducing labor and labor intensity and reducing production costs.
4. The drying control system can control the temperature and humidity with confidence, which can ensure the fragrance, the drying is uniform, and the color of the finished product is beautiful.

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