Complete Banana Powder / Plantain Flour Production Line

Banana powder is a starch made from fresh bananas that have been ground into powder by advanced processing technology, pretreated, mixed, tested and packaged in a certain proportion. Has the effect of lowering blood pressure and helping digestion. This plantain powder needs to be processed by selecting plantains with high starch content as raw materials. The processed banana starch can be used to make various pasta and snacks. In the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South America and other places rich in plantains The regional consumer market is huge.

Plantain Flour Processing

1. Material handling: Bananas need to be fully ripened. After bananas reach maturity, their color, aroma, taste and browning will be weakened. Before peeling the banana peel, it should be blanched at high temperature for color protection.

2. Browning treatment: Bananas can be cut into slices and immediately immersed in antioxidant and bleach solution, or unsliced ​​and immersed in the solution for 10-15 minutes, bleached with 0.2% sodium bisulfite, or can be treated with sulfur fumigation, in a cubic The pure sulfur of rice volume burns for 15 minutes, the sulfur is about 10-15 grams, and the sulfur dioxide concentration is about 1%, which can achieve the purpose of color protection.

3. Slicing: The bananas that have undergone color protection treatment are sliced ​​by a professional banana slicer, and the thickness of the slices should be adjusted according to the drying effect of the banana slices;

4. Drying:
Put the cut banana slices evenly on the shelf where the materials are placed, and arrange them neatly. When the room temperature rises to about 30°C, put the banana slices into the room, set the temperature to 40°C, and dry them. The time is one to two hours.
Turn off the power of the group, and take out the material after one hour. After packaging into bags and taking out the materials, the bananas need to be dried and cooled before they can be packaged into bags.

5 Grinding: Place it in a dehumidifier at room temperature and grind it into powder, sieve and grind it finely, that is, a purple or light yellow banana powder product.

6. Packaging: This product is easy to absorb moisture due to its low water content. It needs to be sealed in vacuum or nitrogen, and requires low humidity conditions during storage or circulation.

green plantain

Seaweed Drying Process requirements

Plantain chips drying is divided into three stages.

①.The temperature is set to 55°C, and the drying time is two hours.
②. The temperature is set to 65 ° C, drying time is two hours
③. The temperature is set to 70°C, and the drying time is one hour.

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Plantain Chips Drying Machine Advantages

The drying conditions are not affected by the climate, the operation is stable, and the drying speed is fast;

The whole process is intelligently controlled, and the temperature in the drying room is adjustable from 8 to 75 degrees, saving time and effort and making it an ideal choice for fruit, vegetable and food drying equipment;

The heat pump drying has high utilization rate and low operating cost. The drying process is low temperature drying without oxidation and chemical decomposition. The product quality is high, and the color, quality and appearance are good;

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