Industrial Dry Moringa Leaf Powder Making Processing Machine

Moringa powder processing machine replaces the traditional manual moringa powder processing method, and is used for moringa powder processing enterprises and factories that process moringa powder in large quantities, automated and standardized. Moringa powder processing machine improves the processing efficiency of moringa powder and saves labor costs. It is the best choice for people who want to engage in moringa powder business!! Moringa powder production line is also suitable for processing a variety of Chinese herbal medicines, such as: Panax notoginseng , Chuandilong, Ganoderma lucidum, yellow lettuce, gastrodia elata, dried blood, dendrobium, ginseng, snow lotus, angelica and so on.

Moringa Powder Processing

Moringa leaf washing machine: The Moringa leaf washing machine uses water as a medium, and forms bubbles tumbling through a strong current turbine fan to perform flexible cleaning of the moringa leaf. The upper end of the washing machine is provided with a spray device, and the Moringa leaves are transported to the upper spray area through the mesh belt for secondary cleaning. The nozzle is detachable, which is easy to clean and prevent clogging, and the nozzle angle is adjustable, which can clean Moringa leaves more effectively.
Moringa leaf vibrating water filter: The vibrating water drainer is driven by a motor, and the vibration damping spring makes the screen surface perform regular mechanical vibration, thereby removing the large water droplets on the surface of the moringa leaf, and doing pre-treatment for the product to be air-dried, so that the The effect of the air-drying equipment at the back is greatly increased, reducing the energy consumption of air-drying, saving energy and improving the air-drying effect.
Moringa leaf air-drying machine: Moringa oleifera leaves are transported into the mesh belt, and are turned over multiple times to achieve the multi-faceted wind and the uniformity of wind exposure of Moringa oleifera leaves, and the surface moisture of Moringa oleifera leaves is dried by the high-pressure wind force of the centrifugal fan , the air nozzle is in the shape of an air knife, which effectively increases the air volume and pressure, so that the moisture on the surface of the Moringa oleifera leaves is blown away or evaporated in a short time, which is convenient for storage or deep processing.
Moringa leaf cutting machine: The cleaned and air-dried Moringa leaves are conveyed by a conveyor belt. The speed of the rotary knife and the speed of the belt are independently controlled by frequency converters.
Moringa leaf dehydrating machine: Air energy heat pump drying is a drying process under normal temperature and pressure. During the drying process of moringa leaves, the temperature rises evenly, and the drying speed is reasonable, which avoids the high temperature and high pressure environment of moringa leaves. Under the rapid dehydration, resulting in deformation and deterioration of Moringa leaves. Air drying has a good protective effect on the natural medicinal properties of Moringa oleifera leaves.
Moringa Leaf powder grinding machine: The Moringa Leaf Mill utilizes the relatively high-speed operation between the movable toothed disc and the fixed toothed disc, so that the pulverized material is crushed by the impact of the toothed disc, friction and the collision of Moringa leaves with each other. The particle size is determined by replacing the screens with different mesh numbers.
Moringa powder packaging machine: The Moringa powder packaging machine automatically completes measurement, bag making, blanking, sealing, sealing and cutting, and counting, and can provide customized packaging solutions according to customer requirements;

fresh moringa leaves

Moringa Leaves Drying Process requirements

In the process of drying leaves medicinal herb materials such as moringa leaves, attention should be paid to tissue changes, color changes, aroma changes, temperature changes and other factors, otherwise it will cause damage to the medicinal materials and affect its medicinal quality and pharmacological properties.

1. Note: When using an air-energy leaves medicinal herb dryer for drying, use the method of low-temperature hot air convection, low-temperature drying, slow dehydration, and uniform dehydration of leaves medicinal herb such as moringa leaves, which will damage its tissue structure. Small.
2. Secondly, most medicinal materials belong to aromatic substances, so low temperature drying should be used in the drying process, which is easy to retain aromatic substances. The loss of aromatic substances is related to the drying temperature, humidity, and oxidation. Pay attention to the changes of these parameters.
3. Furthermore, the color of leaves medicinal herb such as Moringa leaves after drying is very important, and the natural color of the dried medicinal materials must be maintained. Color is one of the important signs to test the quality and effect of drying. If necessary, some processes can be added to the front end of drying. In addition, the air energy heat pump leaves medicinal herb dryer uses air energy to dry leaves medicinal herb such as Moringa leaves, and it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the herbs such as moringa leaves is uniform when heated, otherwise the medicine will be damaged. quality and pharmacology.

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Moringa Leaves Processing Machine Advantages

1. Except for the motor, the equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel SUS304 material, which fully meets the national import and export food hygiene requirements, and the mesh belt is made of 304 stainless steel;
2. The equipment mesh belt is driven by a deceleration motor, a stepless speed-regulating reducer, and the conveying speed of the mesh belt is infinitely adjustable, which can meet different types of process requirements and water content;
3. There is a fan and a natural air outlet at the top of the equipment. And there are manual electric control device and fan blade device, which can adjust the air volume at will, can effectively control the humidity in the equipment, and ensure the color and drying effect of the material;
4. The special drying production line for Moringa leaves is equipped with an induced draft fan and a circulating air duct inside, so that the steam in the equipment forms a circulating wind steam, which saves heat and the moisture is extracted from the bottom to the top. So that the temperature of the material is uniform and the same color is maintained;
5. The special drying production line for Moringa leaves is equipped with a lifting device, which will be lifted from the ground to the top mesh belt of the equipment, which greatly saves the cost of manual feeding and improves the automation of the product. The food is automatically transported in and out through the mesh belt, and the drying of the food is automatically completed by the conveyor belt, with excellent efficiency;

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