Continuous Seaweed Drying Machine Seaweed Belt Dryer

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The mesh belt dryer is quick to dehydrate and dry, easy to operate, and can meet the needs of large-scale dried seaweed continuous production. During the drying process, the shape and color of the seaweed can be controlled manually, the nutrients and color of the kelp are preserved, and the drying quality of the seaweed is high.

seaweed belt dryer
seaweed belt dryer

Seaweed Drying Process

Heating stage: the temperature is heated to 50 “C, and heated for 1.5-3 hours.

Constant speed drying and moisture removal stage: high humidity and low temperature section, range 55~60°C for 3~3.5 hours, medium humidity and medium temperature section, range 50~60°C.

Speed reduction and setting stage: The temperature in this section is 70″80’C, the early stage should not exceed 70’C, and the later stage should not exceed 80’C.

Seaweed Drying Machine Advantage

Stainless steel material, long service life and good corrosion resistance;

Multi-layer mesh belt structure, cycle drying layer by layer, good drying quality;

Unaffected by the weather, it can run continuously for 24 hours without interruption;

High degree of automation, PLC main screen operation, simple control, saving labor costs;

seaweed drying machine
seaweed drying machine

Continuous Seaweed Dryer Parameter

Item Model Mesh belt width Power Dimension(mm)
1 GGWD07 1.6m 18Kw 7000*2200*2500
2 GGWD10 1.6m 30Kw 10000*2200*2500
3 GGWD12 1.6m 37Kw 12000*2200*2500

Seaweed Belt Dryer Features

High-density skeleton, stable structure and longer service life;

Material equalization device, automatic material equalization and material spreading saves labor and labor;

The two-way door of the box is easy to open and maintain, and it is easy to clear materials

Mesh belt structure, food grade stainless steel mesh belt, safe, hygienic and durable;


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