Lemongrass Drying Machine Dehydrating Lemongrass For Tea

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The lemongrass dryer is a continuous production drying equipment. By laying the lemongrass evenly on the mesh belt, it is dragged by the transmission device to move back and forth in the dryer. The hot air flows through the materials, and the water the steam is discharged from the dehumidification hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The lemongrass dried by the special mesh belt dryer has good color, low breakage rate and high yield. The network speed, temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to production needs to meet the drying treatment of lemongrass or other herbs with different moisture contents and varieties.

lemongrass drying machine
lemongrass drying machine

Lemongrass drying machine advantages

Energy saving, automatic circulation of pure hot air.

The heat and mass exchange is uniform and sufficient.

One machine is multi-purpose, saving money and space.

The cycle is short, the output is large, and the drying process is pollution-free.

Mesh Belt Dryer Parameter

Item Model Mesh belt width Power Dimension(mm)
1 GGWD07 1.6m 18Kw 7000*2200*2500
2 GGWD10 1.6m 30Kw 10000*2200*2500
3 GGWD12 1.6m 37Kw 12000*2200*2500
lemongrass drying machine details
lemongrass drying machine details

Lemongrass Dryer Features

The oven adopts a two-way door, which is convenient for inspection, disassembly of parts, easy to open and easy to clean.

The complete set of equipment does not require a lot of civil engineering, just fix the workshop, small footprint, easy to move and low installation cost

The equipment utilizes thermal energy to minimize the loss of thermal energy generated by combustion, and scientifically utilize thermal energy recycling.

The inside and outside of the oven is made of stainless steel or color steel, which has the advantages of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and no rust.

The items to be baked are turned over and flipped on the upper layer and naturally fall to the lower layer, so that the baked items are evenly heated, which overcomes the deformation of the items caused by manual stirring in the past, and saves manpower.

The stove adopts new refractory materials and high-quality steel, which is completed after strict calculation and construction. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, long-term resistance, high heat exchange efficiency, easy construction, easy operation, easy maintenance, normal pressure work, and high coefficient.


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