Continuous Dates Fruit Mesh Belt Drying Machine For Sale

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The date palm fruit drying machine is suitable for drying the internal and external moisture of the date palm. The equipment has a high degree of automation, strong compatibility and stable performance. The unique air supply and dehumidification system forms different temperature zones from top to bottom in the drying chamber. The whole drying process meets the temperature and humidity requirements of sugar conversion (post-ripening) during the drying process of dates, and preserves the inherent quality of dates as much as possible, and ensures uniform drying and consistent color through multiple automatic flips.

date fruits drying machine
date fruits drying machine

Dates Fruit Drying Machine Advantages

1. Easy installation, convenient demolition, small footprint, can be installed indoors and outdoors;
2. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: there is no combustion and emissions, and it fully complies with food hygiene standards. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.
3. High efficiency and energy saving: It only needs to consume a small amount of electricity to absorb a lot of heat in the air, and the power consumption is only 1/3 and 1/4 of the heater; compared with coal, oil and gas drying equipment , which can save about 75% of operating costs. 1 kWh is equal to 4 kWh.
4. Good drying effect: During the drying process, the dates do not deform, crack, discolor, deteriorate, do not oxidize, dry thoroughly, have good rehydration water after drying, less loss of nutrients, and have a longer storage and storage period than any other Traditional drying equipment can more effectively protect the color, aroma, taste and individual form and active ingredients of dates.

Mesh Belt Dryer Parameter

Item Model Mesh belt width Power Dimension(mm)
1 GGWD07 1.6m 18Kw 7000*2200*2500
2 GGWD10 1.6m 30Kw 10000*2200*2500
3 GGWD12 1.6m 37Kw 12000*2200*2500
dates fruits drying machine details
dates fruits drying machine details

Dates Drying Machine Features

Chain, good wear resistance, high tensile strength, strong and durable;
High-density seamless skeleton, stable structure can carry more materials;
Power distribution saw, precise temperature control, simple and convenient operation;
The host material is stainless steel, which is resistant to moisture, corrosion, high strength and no rust;
The homogenizer automatically homogenizes and spreads materials to improve work efficiency and save labor costs;


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