Commercial Dragon Fruit Drying Machine Pitaya Dehydrator

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The dragon fruit drying machine is a relatively mild drying mode, it can effectively solve the problems of discoloration, deterioration, cracking, uneven moisture, and production pollution of the dragon fruit during the drying and drying process. The fruit is plump, bright in color and good in gloss. The dragon fruit dryer of air energy technology is an environmental protection and energy saving drying technology. This air energy drying technology is very attractive in terms of its environmental protection, energy saving, unattended and other very attractive technical characteristics. There are more and more applications in the field of by-fishing.

dragon fruits drying machine
dragon fruits drying machine

Dragon Fruit Dryer Advantages

NO.1 Not subject to weather restrictions
Unaffected by the weather, it can operate 24 hours a day

NO.2 High efficiency and energy saving
Air energy heat pump drying saves more than 60% of power consumption compared to traditional electric heating drying equipment;

NO.3 Small footprint
The drying equipment can be installed indoors or outdoors, only the unit plus drying room, which saves a lot of space compared with traditional natural drying;

NO.4 Intelligent touch screen control
The touch-screen programmable control is used to set the corresponding program without the need for special personnel to supervise the whole process, saving time and labor;

NO.5 Precise temperature control
The drying temperature and humidity can be precisely controlled, the color, nutrition, flavor and texture of the dried products remain unchanged, and the quality of the materials after drying is good;

NO.6 Dry evenly
The drying room has built-in multiple circulating fans to ensure that the air volume and temperature in the drying room are uniform, the drying effect of the same batch of materials is consistent, and there is no dead angle for drying;

NO.7 Closed drying room
The whole drying process is completely closed, and the drying materials are not in contact with the outside world, ensuring that the heat and air volume in the drying room are not easily lost, energy saving and environmental protection;

dragon fruits dehydrator details in our factory
dragon fruits dehydrator details in our factory

Heat Pump Dryer Parameter

Item Heat Pump Dryer Parameter
Model GG-3P GG-7P GG-15P Unit
Environment temperature -10-43 -15-43 -15-43
Drying temperature range 30-75 30-75 30-75
Rated power 4 12 21 Kw
Maximum power 10 18 33 Kw
Power supply form 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Temperature control accuracy ±1 ±1 ±1
Electric heating power 6 6 12 Kw
Controller Single chip microcomputer/PLC+color screen control
Noise level ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 dB(A)
Capacity 100-200 300-700 800-1500 Kg
Dehydration capacity 9 21 43 Kg/h(=50℃,80%)

Dragon Fruit Dehydrator Machine Features

High temperature and high humidity fan
High air volume and air pressure, long range, stable operation and less noise;
Copeland Compressor
Large heating capacity, strong hydraulic resistance, stable performance and durable
Smart touch screen
The touch operation runs automatically, and the control is accurately powered off and memory;
Titanium aluminum foil fins
The hydrophilic and strong water ducts are unobstructed, and the thermal efficiency is high and the energy consumption is low;


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