Large Capacity Pepper Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer

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Pepper drying machine is a kind of dehydration processing equipment using a multi-layer mesh belt structure, which is fast dehydrating and drying, easy to operate, and has a very high degree of automation. 1-2 people can complete the operation of the entire production line, without manual auxiliary materials, turning materials, the drying cycle is short, labor-saving and labor-saving, it can meets the needs of rapid drying for large output. During the pepper drying process, the shape and color of the pepper can be controlled by humans, the aroma and color of the pepper are preserved, and the drying quality is high.

pepper drying machine
pepper drying machine

Pepper Drying Machine Features

High-density skeleton, resulting in a stable and longer service life;
Mesh belt structure, food grade stainless steel mesh belt, safe, hygienic and durable;
The two-way door of the box is easy to open and maintain, and it is easy to clear the material;
Material equalization device, automatic material equalization and material spreading saves labor and effort;

Pepper drying process

1. The first stage: temperature 30-40^C, humidity 45%, run for 6 hours, quickly take away the surface moisture of Chinese prickly ash, and make prickly ash without oil when removing moisture at low temperature, low temperature color fixing stage;
2. Second stage: temperature 45-50″C, humidity 35%, heating 1-2C per hour, running for 3 hours;
3. Three stages: set the temperature to 55°C and the humidity to 18% to run for 13 hours, so that the prickly ash can be quickly dehydrated and dried.

pepper dryer details
pepper dryer details


Item Model Mesh belt width Power Dimension(mm)
1 GGWD07 1.6m 18Kw 7000*2200*2500
2 GGWD10 1.6m 30Kw 10000*2200*2500
3 GGWD12 1.6m 37Kw 12000*2200*2500

Pepper Dryer Machine Advantages

1. Fully automatic control
Automatic temperature control, automatic moisture removal, can adjust the air volume, the residence time of peppercorns and the heating speed;
2. 304 stainless steel plate
The material of the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel plate, and the drying time and temperature can be freely adjusted and controlled according to different materials;
3.Tailored according to user needs
Select a reasonable heat source scheme according to the user’s product characteristics and their own conditions, considering the operating cost, capacity demand, process feasibility, etc.;
4. Dry evenly
According to the characteristics of the large water content of Chinese prickly ash, the hot air volume and temperature are designed to make the water inside and outside the prickly ash uniform;
5. Small heat loss in double enclosed space
The double-sided interlayer adopts the design structure of internal transportation, internal circulation in the interlayer, and external insulation. The circulation system does not leak and reduces heat loss.


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