The oven dryer machine adopts a high temperature circulating fan, and the forced hot air heated by the electric heating tube and the steam heat exchanger circulates in the box to enhance the heat transfer, improve the water evaporation rate and shorten the drying time. The whole oven dryer machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the hot air box circulates, and the humid and hot air is reasonably discharged and fresh air is supplied. The oven is equipped with energy-saving control and automatic temperature control system.

Hot Air Dryer Machine Advantages

The whole box adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the hot air is circulated in the box.

The built-in high temperature resistant circulating fan is adopted, which greatly reduces the heat loss and strengthens the heat transfer.

There is an adjustable air uniform plate in the box, which can adjust the opening up and down to make the temperature in the box even.

Non-standard sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, and various heating methods and materials can be customized.

Dried Food

Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven Parameter

Baking car2
Baking pan24
Custom processingYes
Operation methodIntermittent
Dry amount per time120kg
Equipped with power1.1kw
Steam consumption20kg/h
Cooling area20m2
Air volume2800m3/h
Dimension2430×1200×2375 mm

Oven Dryer Machine Features

Use digital display smart meters to control temperature;
The heater can be installed at the bottom, top or both sides;
The hot air circulation oven is composed of angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate;
There are two types of air duct designs for hot air circulation ovens: horizontal air supply and vertical air supply;
The insulation layer is filled with high-density aluminum silicate cotton, it can not only ensures the protection of the oven thermal insulation.
, but also to ensure the safety of users;