How To Start Plantain Flour Business

To start a plantain powder business, you first need to choose plantains with high starch content, not fruit bananas with high sugar content, and you need to ensure sufficient raw materials. The second is to choose professional plantain flour processing equipment.

plantain flour processing plant
plantain flour processing plant

Our plantain powder processing equipment has automatic and semi-automatic to meet your various processing needs. The process flow of plantain powder processing mainly includes: blanching of plantain, peeling of plantain, slicing of plantain, cleaning of plantain, plantain chips de-watering, plantain chips drying, dried plantain chips powder grinding! !
The development of plantain powder business is inseparable from each professional plantain processing equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to the main functions of different plantain powder processing equipment?
1. Plantain blanching machine: It can sterilize plantain and inhibit the activity of enzymes. The blanched plantain is easier to peel;
2. Plantain peeling machine: The plantain peeling machine can remove the epidermis of plantain and improve the taste and quality of plantain powder;
3. Plantain slicer: The plantain slicer can quickly and evenly complete the plantain slicing process, keeping the whole plantain cut surface smooth and uniform in thickness;
4. Plantain chip cleaning machine: The sliced ​​plantain is cleaned by bubbles. The cleaning machine has its own air-drying system, which can air-dry the excess water droplets on the surface of the plantain at room temperature, improving the subsequent processing efficiency of the plantain;
5. Plantain drying machine: The plantain drying adopts the latest heat pump drying technology, which not only saves energy and improves drying efficiency, but also ensures that the plantain is dried evenly and has a better drying effect;

plantain chips drying machine
plantain chips drying machine

6. Plantain pulverizer: The dried plantain flakes can be ground into 20-120 mesh plantain powder through the pulverizer, and different screens can be configured for grinding according to customer needs.
After completing the plantain powder grinding, we can also configure the corresponding plantain powder packaging equipment according to the packaging needs of customers, and provide customized solutions for the development of your plantain powder business. For the grass powder business, please feel free to leave a message online with us! !