Contimous Rosemary Conveyor Mesh Belt Drying Machine For Sale

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The rosemary drying machine is an automatic drying equipment designed and produced according to the physical properties of rosemary and the requirements of dry materials. The contact parts are all stainless steel, automatic laying, multi-layer circulation overturning, and layer-by-layer drying.The drying process is hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Rosemary drying machine
Rosemary drying machine

Rosemary drying machine working principle

The rosemary enters from the upper layer, and the thickness of the rosemary spread is controlled by the automatic spreader. Driven by the mesh belt, the rosemary moves from the upper layer to the lower layer. During the operation, the rosemary has a process of falling down many times, so that the rosemary is turned more thoroughly and dried more evenly. The dried rosemary is discharged from the discharge port of the bottom layer, and it is fully contacted with the high-temperature hot air in the process to achieve the drying effect.

Rosemary Dryer Parameter

Item Model Mesh belt width Power Dimension(mm)
1 GGWD07 1.6m 18Kw 7000*2200*2500
2 GGWD10 1.6m 30Kw 10000*2200*2500
3 GGWD12 1.6m 37Kw 12000*2200*2500
Rosemary drying machine
Rosemary drying machine

Rosemary Drying Machine Advantages

The drying process is pollution-free, clean and hygienic;

It can maintain the color and luster of rosemary after drying and its components;

It can effectively shorten the drying cycle and reduce the processing cost of rosemary;

The rosemary drying machine has a high degree of automation, good quality assurance, and a large daily processing capacity of a single machine;

Rosemary Dehydrator Features

High-density seamless skeleton, stable structure can carry more materials;

Automatically homogenizes and spreads materials to improve work efficiency and save labor costs;

The host material is stainless steel, which is resistant to moisture, corrosion, high strength and no rust;

Power distribution cabinet, precise temperature control and humidity control, simple and convenient operation;


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