Working Process Of Mesh Belt Dryer

The large mesh belt dryer uses hot air as a drying medium, and sends the hot air to the dryer through an induced draft fan to dry the materials.

The working process of the mesh belt dryer
The processed materials are conveyed by multi-layer stainless steel mesh belts;
After multiple layers of circulation in the dryer;
The hot air passes through the mesh belt and the material layer from bottom to top, drying layer by layer;
Finally achieve the purpose of drying.

continous mesh belt dryer
continous mesh belt dryer

According to the difference of material moisture, the volume of induced draft fan and the running speed of mesh belt can be adjusted through the electronic control system to ensure the drying effect and maximize the efficiency.
The dehumidification system has a heat recovery device, and the recovered heat is used to heat the fresh air, which can save the energy consumption of the fresh air preheating.