Oyster Mushroom Drying Machine Mushroom Dehydrator

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The mushroom drying machine uses an air energy heat pump for drying processing. In different drying stages, different drying temperatures and humidity are set to ensure that the drying quality of mushrooms meets the requirements. The mushroom drying room is simple in structure, small in size, easy to operate, without auxiliary equipment, easy to transport and move, and meets the needs of small and medium-sized farms and farmers.

oyster mushroom drying machine
oyster mushroom drying machine

Mushroom Drying Machine Advantges

1. Equipped with safety system protection function, it can run stably for a long time.
2. Polyurethane insulation board can be used for the board, heat will not be lost, energy saving and high efficiency.
3. The mushroom drying machine has low investment, low cost, automatic control of the whole process, and labor saving.
4. No matter what heat source is used, it will eventually be converted into clean hot air without any pollution to the mushrooms.
5. Various parameters of the drying process can be controlled through the intelligent panel, and each link can be precisely controlled.

When drying edible fungi such as oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, etc, two points should be paid attention to.

First, the moisture should be drained enough.

Second, the temperature should gradually increase steadily. If the temperature rises suddenly at the beginning of baking, it will cause the tissue to lose water. If it is too fast, the mushroom cap will be deformed and not round, the gills will be inverted, the cap will be cracked, the color will turn black, the activity of the enzyme will be destroyed, and the mushroom will lose its original fragrance.

The intelligent mushroom dryer produced by our company adopts air energy drying technology, which is easy to operate, intelligently controls temperature and humidity, and does not require personnel to be on duty throughout the process, saving energy, environmental protection, and pollution, saving trouble and effort.

oyster mushroom drying machine details
oyster mushroom drying machine details

Oyster Mushroom Drying Machine Parameter

Item Heat Pump Dryer Parameter
Model GG-3P GG-7P GG-15P Unit
Environment temperature -10-43 -15-43 -15-43
Drying temperature range 30-75 30-75 30-75
Rated power 4 12 21 Kw
Maximum power 10 18 33 Kw
Power supply form 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Temperature control accuracy ±1 ±1 ±1
Electric heating power 6 6 12 Kw
Controller Single chip microcomputer/PLC+color screen control
Noise level ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 dB(A)
Capacity 100-200 300-700 800-1500 Kg
Dehydration capacity 9 21 43 Kg/h(=50℃,80%)

Mushroom Dehydrator Operations Tips

1. To prepare fresh shiitake mushrooms, use fresh shiitake mushrooms that have just been picked. If they are mushrooms in the cold storage, they should be placed outdoors for 1-2 hours, so that the temperature of the shiitake mushrooms gradually approaches the air temperature, which also saves the need for the mushrooms in the early stage. The heating heat after entering the drying room.

2. Mushrooms should be placed on the material basket or material frame. The material can be made of bamboo or 304 material. When placing shiitake mushrooms, according to the category of shiitake mushrooms, pay attention not to place too many, too dense, and to have appropriate gaps, so that the hot air of the axial fan can smoothly blow over all the material surfaces. The larger the surface area of ​​shiitake mushrooms and the faster the wind speed, the higher the drying efficiency of the material will be, and the drying time will be reduced. On the contrary, if there are too many materials to be dried, too dense, and the wind cannot blow through, the overall drying time and effect will decrease.

3. During the drying process, pay attention to observe the humidity in the drying room in the first few hours. Shiitake mushrooms belong to high-humidity materials. Once the water evaporates, the humidity in the solid-state drying closed room will increase rapidly. This The time period is the stage of constant temperature and color of shiitake mushrooms. The moisture in the drying room must be drained out in time, otherwise the shiitake mushrooms will blister and change color if they are kept in such an environment for a long time, which will affect the drying quality.

4. The drying time of a batch of shiitake drying machine is usually composed of several aspects, such as the drying content of shiitake mushrooms, the moisture content, the drying and dehydration capacity, the heat of the main mechanism, the number of fans, the power, and the drying. The volume of the room, etc., so we usually say that it takes 25 hours to dry a batch of shiitake mushrooms, which is actually inaccurate, because the result of the drying time is the result of the combination of the above factors. Once the above variables are changed, the final result will definitely be different.

5. There are many traditional drying methods for shiitake mushrooms, and there are many ways of heat sources. The results are different, and the process is actually very different. Therefore, when choosing a shiitake mushroom drying machine, you must choose the one that suits you according to your own needs.


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